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Diss Ironworks

7, St Nicholas Street

Although what you see from the front is the 1950s shop, tucked behind it is a 2 storey early 1600s timber framed building. In the 1950s there was an older building that once stood on the street front, but there was always a garden between this and no.18. This is very unusual as it would have been prime land for building.

Building occupation

The earliest person who we know had a connection with this shop was John Stebbing ‘a gentlemen’ who bought it in 1715.

He probably didn’t live there but in 1742 it was occupied by John Cunningham a ‘peruke maker’ – these were formal wigs worn by men.

Oddly a hundred years later the shop was occupied by a hairdresser called William Chaplyn. He died in 1886 and the shop passed to the Spink Family, butchers, who lived there first as tenants and then as owners until the 1950s.

In 1957 the old shop was demolished and replaced by the current single story building by Bert Cullen, gentlemen’s outfitters who remained there until the early 1990s when Diss Iron Works took the shop.

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