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Wildlife Gardens progress

Date: 10/07/20 | Author: Jess Jonston

Progress continues in the gardens: you can see the floating pontoon which links to King’s Head Yard. This will be topped by a boardwalk (with railings, don’t panic!). The square area is an ‘island’ where you can stop and admire the view, find out more about the Mere etc.
A path winds up through the garden, past our multistem birch and around two lawns (lovely for picnics, though I grant you you’ll have to use your imagination at the moment). Two terraces will overlook the garden, but at the moment we’re having to build a new retaining wall to hold the slope at the top, as part of the 1920s one washed away in last week’s deluge…
In the next few days we should ‘hydroseed’ – this is a technique where seeds are sprayed on in a mushy mulch, which hydrates them and also sticks to the slope preventing them washing away.
You can pop in to take a look during office hours, but please take care as this is a working site.

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