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The Diss Heritage Triangle Trust

Wind back time & discover the rich history of Diss with our 3D interactive maps

This historic townscape of the Heritage Triangle…

…as we see it now, and as it has been since at least the 1630s – is the product of a medieval urbanisation and probable rebuilding centred on the market, whose charter was regranted in 1275, and a fair in 1300. There are very few Market Towns that have retained so much of their original character in layout and detail.

Explore the interactive map to find out how Diss has developed over five key different periods in its history.



Find out more about its people, trades and buildings or search the Heritage Triangle database.

The Heritage Triangle project began in 2013. A vast amount of research into the people, trades and businesses of the Triangle has been gathered since this time, the aim is for this all to be available on this website. It will be a gradual process so please keep checking back to see what new information that has been uploaded.

Diss Heritage Triangle